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Book review: Flash and Bones.

Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist and worked for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina and currently works for the Laboratoire de Sciences Juidicieres et de Medecine Legal for the province of Quebec.

She has studied NASCAR thoroughly and has incorporated all kinds of details about his all important and consuming event in Flash and Bones.

While there is much detail about NASCAR, very little of forensic medicinal examination in criminal cases has found its way into the body of the story.

This fast flowing narrative containing up-to-date phrases and colloquial terms compels the reader to turn page after page.

This turbocharged story involves the disappearance of Cindi, then an aspiring racer and high school senior and her boyfriend Cale, who kept company with a right-wing extremist group.
|There is suspicion that the pair’s disappearance was the handiwork of the posse.

FBI got involved, and whenever other authorities opened the case, it blocked their investigations.
The author has created in this novel, a suspense story that will keep the reader fascinated until the end. It would have been great if she had included more forensic anthropology in the narrative.

Regardless, people who like to read novellas about secret in official investigating authorities, murder, and suspense, will find Flash and Bones compelling and well worth reading.

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