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Book Review: Food lover’s guide to the world.

Lonely Planet is primarily a travel guide publisher, but lately, it also started to publish travel-related books for “foodies”.

This book guides you to savour the world’s culinary scenes from China to Italy, from Mexico to Malaysia, from Japan to the Iberian Peninsula and everywhere in between.

It provides recipes from different countries, and recommends restaurants where national and internationally famous recipes can be tasted.

Well-written and richly illustrated, this imaginatively compiled book will inform you, entrain you, and generally delight you with mouth-watering recipes. Look at mruziyya (tajine) on page 130 and you will understand what I mean.

This well conceived book is a world education for any “foodie” in various cultures and cuisines.

As you can imagine, many large countries like China, and India, but also relatively small ones like Italy have regional cuisines, and all are well captured and explained.

Contributors are all travel writers fro the Lonely Planet and either stayed in a particular regions fro some time or spent many months researching a title. Whiles staying in these locations, these writers had several opportunities to experience the cuisine and conduct research about the origins and evolution of a particular dish or dishes.

It is a perfect gift fro any food lover who wants to experiment and enjoy different taste sensations while staying at home, rather than eating monotonous meals day in day out.

Others will want to pack their luggage and travel to a destination to experience the food, culture and scenery.

It is a captivating book and is highly recommended!

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