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Book Review: Food for thought

The editors of this highly informative book, compiled in four parts, articles written and presented by faculty about different aspects of food.

Part One covers consumption, food acquisition, the diet industry including weight-loss institutions, food preferences of peoples in different part of Canada, and regional cuisines.

Part Two deals with food and its implications on health.

Part Three contains food resources, justice, sustainability, globalization of food production, and food security.

Part Four covers political philosophy, the Slow Food Movement, popularized by Petrini, and elitism in the Slow Food Movement.

This scholarly book touches on all the important issues, and questions trying to answer at least some of them, and addressing a few solutions.

All articles are illucidating, full of statistics, and valuable information that only highly privileged individuals can access.

This fascinating book should be required reading for all professors teaching in tourism programmes anywhere, food producers, manufacturers, marketers, and all who are interested in knowing what they are ingesting, what it can for them, and to avoid fraudulent claims by unscrupulous entrepreneurs.

Extremely interesting, and highly recommended.

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