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Book Review: Best food writing 2013

Best Food Writing 2013 is a virtual feast to people who enjoy food and love reading about food.

Holly Hughes has done an excellent job in selecting the articles this book contains and should be congratulated for her good judgement in writing.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable read, especially for “foodies”.

In general, American gastronomy does not compare favourably to French in flavour, texture, and presentation, but this does not mean the population is oblivious of or appreciating tasty food.

The new generation of American food writers prove to be very capable of perceiving quality, food presentation, taste, texture, and service.

The articles prove this beyond the shadow of a doubt, particularly the following – Chicken of the Trees (page 180); Hogonomics (142), The Upstart Cattleman (150).

Anyone who travels to the U S A and stays there for a few days will notice that the country can be described as the land of plenty. It is prosperous enough to offer everything anyone wants to eat from the finest caviar in New York to the best wines from anywhere.

It is a matter of knowledge and your wallet.

You can have outstanding food, and experience superb service in any metropolitan American city if you research well in advance and can afford to shell out $ 400.00 per meal per person.

Essays are arranged in groups titles The way we eat now; A critical palate; Farm to table; The meat of the matter; Home cooking; To be a Chef and Personal tastes.

A few articles contain insightful observations about `factory-produced animals the environment, food production conglomerates and animals.

They describe how ruthless humans can be when it comes to profits, and careless about animal suffering and neglect of the environment.

This book will delight anyone who enjoys a good meal and fabulous read.

Highly recommended.

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