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Book Review: Still Foolin’ ’em

Approximately 80 million people have either recently joined, or will soon join 65 year olds. Billy Crystal at 65 has written a fast-paced, funny and poignant book describing his life that provides “valuable” information on the workings and personalities of American entertainers, and the American psyche and shallowness.

First and foremost, the book captivates the reader and compels him/her to turn page after page to find out what happens next.

Only people who know the psyche of the population and have the ability to write well can achieve this.

Those who watched him on TV or attended one of his live performances discover that it will evoke many memorable moments.

He analyzes and looks back at the most powerful and memorable moments of his life, and provides a road map to the challenges and absurdities that come with aging. He reflects on his various roles in a number of projects, and enduring friendships with his idols, including Mickey Mantle, and Muhammad Ali.

He refers light-heartedly to Advil, bourbon, and Prozac as the Holy Trinity.

In other countries, whatever the popular liquor happens to be, and Advil may replace bourbon with some other similar over-the-counter drug, and Prozac.

His grandparent reflection will touch any grandparent

He even approached the question of buying a plot from a “salesperson” who thinks of such places as commodities to increase hid commissions.

This can happen only in a totally capitalist economy where everything is regarded as commodity.

Billy Crystal is a privileged and successful entertainer and a lot of fortune befell him by “design” and with the help of business friends and his talent, but anything that has happened to him can happen to anyone anywhere.

Heartily recommended for the wisdom and humour this book contains.

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