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Book review: Francine Maroukian – Chef’s Secrets.

There are thousands of cookery books, but this one is unique. The sub-title of the book tell you all: “ Inside Techniques from Today’s Culinary Masters.

Francine Maroukian, a caterer, had the idea to interview chefs, many nationally known, and ask each to reveal on of his her secret professional discoveries or `short cuts to make work faster or easier.

She interviewed among others Sara Moulton, Francois Payard, Marcus Samuelsson, Emily Luchetti, Steven Raichlen (the author of Barbecue Bible!), and TV personality, and James Peterson.

This book is full of little steps that will make cooks more efficiently. There are several recipes that well worth trying.

Each chef interviewed is briefly profiled and asked to reveal a secret. Lisa Schroder explains how to make a flawless omelette. As anyone who cooks, knows the perfect omelette is very difficult to produce. Every step must be performed accurately, timed perfectly, and quickly. That takes a lot of experience and the will to make it perfect.

In this book you will find an authentic recipe for guacamole that is bound to make your mouth water, just reading it. If you then proceed and produce it you will love it and most likely include it in your personal recipe repertoire.

You want to know to ripen fruit, turn to page 120. As you know, a lot of the fruits in North American markets, except those in farmer’s markets, are picked “green” and most of them come to grocery stores unripe. This alone is worth the effort to get the Chef’s Secrets.

If you like to entertain and impress your guests, you will love “The Chocolate Bag” production technique (181).

This is very valuable book for home cooks, professionals and culinary students.

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