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Book Review: When gadgets betray us

In the western industrialized world, technology constantly invents new electronic gadgets that supposedly increase convenience in living.

While manufacturers constantly advertise the advantages of new products, they never talk about how fraudsters can and do cheat supposedly secure electronic devices.

Robert Vamosi, and investigative reporter, has done consumers a great service by writing a book explaining how thieves, thugs, and simple but savvy crooks can break into secure electronic gadgets ranging from encrypted car door openers to parking meters, breaking into cell phones, hacking into computer data bases, ever modern photocopiers’ storage systems of copied documents or manuscripts.

This is a terrific primer on security and privacy in the age increasing electronic devises.

North Americans are now shopping electronically, can never function without their iphones, or watching TV whenever and wherever possible.

When Gadgets Betray Us a must read fro anyone in security (electronic or conventional), venture capital, electronic commerce, corporate planning, and social media.

Electrobnic gadgets provide valuable buying habit information to corporations that pay for surrepticiously gathered information, and analyse it to target market segments for sales.

While the author explains in minute detail how fraudsters proceed in their misdeeds, he does not and cannot offer solutions.

Consumers must make every effort to shield all intruders getting into their devices.

He states that municipal parking represents a $ 28 billion industry worldwide, yet all communities with parking meter systems rarely ever make money. They mostly lose because enough people know, or figured out, how to cheat the system.

Any human design is bound to have at least oen weakness, and dishonest people discover it sooner or later,

This is a fascinating book whit a lot of valuable information written in lay language fro everyone to understand and draw conclusions.

Higly recommended.

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