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Book Review: Game: A Cookbook.

Restaurateurs, and by and large the public in North America, fail to appreciate game meat. Continental Europeans and British hunt, and frequently enjoy game dishes.

Hunters and First Nations of Canada like to consume game, the former as a luxury, and the latter out of necessity.

Both authors are game-devoted chefs and created an outstanding book of all game (furred, feathered, and wild fish) that will help hunters and First Nations’ cooks to prepare such meat better and tastier.

In Canada and the USA hunting is an expensive luxury for the very rich, except for a few who do it for pleasure.

Many North American conservationists consider hunting barbaric, and fight to ban it, but logically, hunting is a natural process as all wild animals employ such practice daily for sustaining their existence and that of their species. The authors devote some time discussing such matters and even cite sources for further research.

This beautifully illustrated and humorous book contains outstanding photography and deals with practices and trade in Britain and British game.

Chapter headings (two legs, four legs, and no legs) convey the message.

In North America, preferences and hunted animals belong to different species, but can be prepared the same way as the authors outline for similar animals in Britain.

The authors divide wild birds into three main groups, and provide for each bird discussed recipes (some traditional, others adaptations of their own using Far Eastern cooking and flavouring techniques.

They also discuss the flavour of truly wild and “farmed wild” animals, and inform the reader that the flavour and meat of truly wild animals depends very much on their diet.

Farmed animals receive the same type of feed throughout their life and thus taste “somewhat” bland. This is true, as I have experienced it first hand.

Then they deal with four legged game i.e rabbits, hares, squirrels, venison, wild boar.

All recipes are commercially tested in their restaurants and reliable, requiring standard cooking knowledge and ingredients that are widely available.

The last major part is devoted to fish – salmon, trout, sea trout, Arctic charr and pike with plenty of explanations on buying, filleting, and cooking.

Most fishermen can duplicate all fish recipes easily. Sidebars provide interesting and useful information on techniques, definitions, and facts abut game and game cookery.

This is an excellent book for all hunters and fishermen who, unfortunately, lack the interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge of preparation of their efforts and expenses.

You will get to understand what complex flavours are and how to kick your cooking expertise up and tune your taste buds a notch. You are most likely love this expertly written book which will help increase your appreciation of well prepared dishes.

All hunters and fishermen will benefit from this book immensely. Highly recommended.

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