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Book Review: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

Lonely Planet is one of the best-known travel guide publishers, and by all accounts produces well-reached and well-written books on travel-worthy destination or countries.

Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan are all countries sharing the Caucasus between the Black Sea in the west, the Caspian Sea in the east, and Iran to the south.

All share a tumultuous history of occupation and enslavement by Mongols, Persians, Romans, and Russian tsars.

All were also part of the U S S R, and catered mostly to Russian tourists and very few westerners.

Since “emancipation” Georgia, and Armenia have been attracting millions of western and eastern, history-loving, curious tourists.

North Americans are few and in between due to long haul and complicated flights.

In this highly detailed and very informative guide, absolutely everything a tourist needs is covered, from visa requirements (Azerbaijan), travel connections to and within, accommodations, cuisines, history, healthy facilities, entertainment, weather, money exchange facilities (rates provided are outdated), important sites and much more.

The there authors lived either in the respective country for a while, or is still living there) and knows practically everything worth knowing.

The one covering Armenia (Michael Kohn) even writes about Nagorno Karabagh, the little known “country” inhabited by Armenians, but actually, at least on paper, belongs to Azerbaijan, thanks mainly to Stalin who decided to “give” the territory to Azeris, although Armenians have been the dominant population for centuries.

This is an important guide for all planning to travel to any or all of these countries. If you have visited all popular tourist destinations and want to experience new and exciting countries, histories, and cultures read this book.

(Note: If you are planning to visit all the three countries, make sure you visit Azerbaijan before you visit Armenia. An Armenian immigration stamp will bar you from entering Azerbaijan).

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