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Book review: Gordon Ramsey’s Healthy Appetite.

The celebrity English chef Gordon Ramsey is Britain’s most successful and talked-about chef with many Michelin stars and 22 restaurants around the world. What most people fail to remember is that he is a health nut and runs marathons. In this his newest book, he has managed to offer healthy advice, and many recipes that are ingenious in their composition, flavour, and texture. Above all, these recipes can be prepared by anyone who has some knowledge of cooking, or is prepared to try.

Gordon Ramsay is a disciplined cook. He advocates using every scrap of food, gives advice as to what tastes good, and costs less. The book is divided into breakfast, different types of lunch recipes, BBQ’s, suppers, children’s menus, and entertaining and healthy desserts.

No effort has been spared to provide tasty recipes that most people can afford.
The photography is excellent and that alone is worth the price of the book, but more importantly, readers will understand that food is as much for the eyes as it is for nourishment and presentation. Gordon Ramsey’s Healthy Appetite is suitable for all – young and old who like to eat well, and enjoy healthy food.

All professionals should be interested in this exceptionally well-illustrated book, not just for the presentations, but also for the recipes that healthy food fanatics demand. Luxury hotel clientèle are most interested in such food, and willingly pay.

All basics of cooking (stocks, sauces, cooking methods) are covered in sufficient detail for the beginner and/or advanced cook to obtain satisfactory results.
A book to buy, enjoys, and try recipes!

You will be happy to have made such a purchase.

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