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Book review: Grandi Vini – An Opinionated Tour of Italy’s 89 Finest Wines.

Italy and France are world’s largest wine producers. Pending on vintage France produces more than Italy. The same is true for Italy.

Americans are on the way to becoming the biggest wine consumers overall, largely because of the increase of wine production and marketing strategies employed by wineries and associations. Per capita wine consumption of wine in the USA is still relatively low (approximately 10 litres) but it the large population and the affluence that makes the country potentially the largest consumer.

Both Italy and France produce some outstanding wines because of the terroir (the combination of soil, climate, aspect of the vineyard), tradition, and respect for the art and science converting grape juice to wine.

Joseph Bastianich is an American restaurateur of Italian descent and owns vineyards in Italy. He loves wine and knows enough to select the most appealing wines for his establishments and his palate.

He travelled spent enough time tasting and investigating how winery owners proceed in making their liquid treasures.

The book is well written for the average consumer to understand what makes a wine more appealing than others.

The title “Grandi Vini – An Opinionated Tour of Italy’s 89 Finest Wines is apt, however without a doubt there are many more Italian wineries and at least some of their wines that qualify to be included i. e Ceretto in Piedmont, Radici in Campania, Fuligni in Tuscany, Masi in Veneto, to name a just a few.

Also, there are a few typing errors that detract.

The narrative flows well and keeps the reader interested enough to continue reading.

This is a book for people who appreciate wine and can afford to pay high prices. Lovers of Italian wines will benefit greatly by reading it and buying at least a few of the recommended brands.

What surprises me is the absence of mention of vintages and their importance in aromas, texture and flavour.

Regardless, Grandi Vini belongs to the library of every discerning wine consumer who want to discover new and exciting libations.