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Book Review: Halifax Tastes.

(Recipes From The region’s Best Restaurants)
Liz Feltham
Photography Scott Munn
Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The author is food critic and ahs published several cookbooks. This book provides the best recipes of local restaurants.

While up to the recent past Nova Scotia and Halifax restaurants offered only English-inspired and mostly seafood based dishes, today they offer specialties from all over the world.

Halifax is the largest city of the Maritimes, and hence it should be no surprise that its restaurants boast plenty of variety. If you want to eat Middle eastern food, all you have to do is go to the Middle Easte Food centre, and for Indian-inspired seafood, visit Season’s by Atlantica.

From zesty Italian to spicy Thai, from tangy Chinese to carefully prepared and thoughtfully presented Japanese, from flavourful Greek to classic Maritime cuisine, there is sure to be a restaurant to suit your palate.

The photographer, Scott Munn, has done an excellent job by managing to create “mouth-watering” photographs.

If you want to cerate a hummus, all you have to do is turn to page number two, and for a signature curry lobster soup, consult page 10.

If you are in the mood for huevos rancheros, page 30 will provide enough information for you to prepare your own.

There are also “fusion” recipes like baked haddock stuffed with shrimp and scallops enhanced with Pernod cream sauce.

The recipes are all relatively easy for any ambitious amateur cook to follow.

Highly recommended for “foodies” who want to experience new taste sensations.

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