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Book Review: The Happiness Project.

Gretchen Rubin, a lawyer turned full-time writer, has created a book that is part memoir, and part self-help.

She draws her advice from fields of positive psychology, and adds from her experiences that works and what does not.

Undoubtedly, she has researched the subject thoroughly, discussed many of her recommendations with family, fellow writers, and even acquaintances. She has successfully distilled her research into a few pages and attempts to answer several everyday problems.

The style of writing is open, engaging, and humorous without innuendo and obscure ideas.

She also quotes old saying, like “the days are long, but the years are short” although she tries to give the impression she came up with them.

A few pieces of advice that everyone can use are – small things matter in any relationship be it friendship, marriage, family, and business; happiness starts with you, it cannot be planned or forced and can change from one moment to the next.

In today’s world, especially in the USA, and partially in Canada, people are constantly chasing dreams of happiness by acquiring material things, moving into ever bigger and more ostentatious houses, looking for more luxurious cars, and in general competing with their neighbours, none of which can generate genuine happiness, If anything this behaviour necessitates more financial obligations.

This alone is excellent advice and deserves to be adopted by all in this category.

While a few ideas in the book are constantly in popular women’s magazines in form of articles and advice, many of what the author advises are tried and true solutions to modern lie problems in the western world.

This is a book for everyone to read, even those who think they are happy, and those who would certainly like to be happy.

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