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Book Review: The Hermit of Africville

Black Loyalists and 1812 War of refugees who were promised free land and equal rights settled Africville after the War 1812 founded Africville.

The settlement, located at the north end of Halifax, was never truly incorporated into the city’s infrastructure, and remained without electricity, and sewage installations.

Regardless, the population grew; some people persevered, made better lives for themselves, and moved out.

In the 1960’s the city council decided to demolish Africville including its small church to create a public park.

This enraged Eddie Carvery who protested though various means this unjust decision for decades.

Finally in 2010, the city of Halifax ratified the Africville Apology and established, with funding from Ottawa, the Africville Heritage Trust to design and build a replica of the community church.

The author tells of Eddie Carvery’s life in great detail, including all his ups and downs in life.

The writing is fast-paced, highly informative, elucidating, and points out how governments of various levels occasionally fail to fulfill their promises and treat minorities with contempt.

It is a book for everyone interested in social justice and tells how it can be achieved even by crude methods as Eddie Carvery was able to achieve.

Highly recommended.

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