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Book Review: The History of Australian Wine.

The author, a famous Australian wine writer, created a book that deals with the unique and innovative evolution of the industry. He tells it by interviewing winery owners, wine makers, and wine-drinking Australians.

Anyone interested in Australian wine knows that the first wines produced were fortified (sherry- and port type). Most were exported to Britain thousands of kilometres away. Importers knew that fortifies wines being more robust, could withstand the long journey much better than delicate dry wines. And Britons then preferred fortified wines to dry.

When European winemakers arrived, in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, suggested winery owners to switch to dry wines as the consumer preferences were changing in Britain and elsewhere on the European continent.

At first, many people involved in production knew or nothing about wine chemistry. This led shortcoming required the creation of schools to teach young winemakers how to proceed and succeed in delicate vinification.

Australians were, at that time, devoted beer drinkers, but with considerable united efforts of wineries by staging wine sampling events in malls and generally high traffic areas, millions were persuaded to enjoy wine.

Then marketers started to pay attention to exporting, first by intensifying their promotional efforts to Britain, then the U S A and Canada.

Gradually, non-wine producing countries became important markets, and to this day Australian wine exports continue to be popular.

This is an entertaining and informative book on the Australian wine industry and a joy to read, for anyone interested in wine. Professionals can also benefit from lessons Australian wineries learned in their evolution.

Many books have been written about Australian wine, but this must be regarded as the most comprehensive and informative for the wine enthusiast!

Highly recommended.

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