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Book Review: At home with Lynn Crawford

Lynn Crawford worked at the Four Seasons Hotels as executive chef in several hotels for many years before deciding to open her own restaurant Ruby Watchco in Toronto.

Since its opening, it ahs been very successful as food appeals to 30 years and above clientele.

The book is replete with family style meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks.

A few very important points of the book are that all the ingredients area available in most grocery stores ( at least in major North American cities), and any home cook can follow each recipe easily, providing he/she has some experience, can co-ordinate cooking, and is eager to produce delicious food. All recipe s are down-to-earth, and familiar to most North Americans.

She provides recipes for breakfast, offers roast-, pan-, pot- and grill recipes. There are also side dish recipes and a chapter on cocktails Of course chef Crawford provides pastry and cake recipes that would gladden the heart of any dessert lover.

Each chapter starts with a brief description of the topic, and an ingredient that helps the reader familiarize him/herself with little-known details about its use in glazes, or service or in cooking.

Brunch, a much heralded Sunday meals, gets a whole chapter with all kinds of egg recipes. In all, if you want to produce or enjoy flavourful, uncomplicated food along relatively easy to follow recipes, this book is for you to use all

the time, and as a reference all time.

Highly recommended.

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