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Book review: How to Cook Everything.

How to Cook Everything

The author is among America’s most widely respected food writers. Through this completely revised book with 2000 simple recipes he accomplishes something few authors have been able to do.

Most cookbooks are written with a focus on a cuisine or ingredient, not so for this one. He explains everything from every cuisine without assuming the reader’s knowledge about cooking principles, but through physical laws that apply and deals with every conceivable category of everyday cooking.

He starts with kitchen basics, then goes on to explain sauces, condiments, herbs, spices, appetizers, soups, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, vegetables and fruits, beans, grains, pasta, fish and shellfish, poultry meat, eggs, bread, and finishes with desserts.

The writing is engaging and flows beautifully without neglecting technical details.
This is a book for all young people. Those who live on their own will love it because the recipes are easy to follow and can be altered with the addition of one or two ingredients, and those who are planning to marry should embrace it. Everything most North Americans like to eat and much more is here. Many recipes can be partially of fully prepared, and refrigerated or frozen. The author does not advocate freezing, but mentions it where feasible and applicable, to make life easy for busy people.

Millions of young people who live alone cannot cook, and by necessity frequent fast food facilities, or inexpensive eateries where flour, salt, fat and sugar are processed sold as nutritious food. Needless to say the results show on streets as excessively fat individuals with no resistance to any kind of disease.

The first dictum in these eateries is to make people feel full. There is little nutritional value of what is being served.
This book is invaluable for people to understand what cooking should be, and what nutrition means without having to spend lot of money or time.

He uses canned foods where feasible and necessary, whereas in most cases authors always use fresh ingredients. There is a lot to said about fresh and seasonal ingredients, but in North America, particularly in large cities, this is not always practical.

This tome’s recipes will provide countless , easy and inexpensive meals for anyone interested in cooking and nutrition.

How to Cook Everything

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