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Book Review: Infidel.

Infidel, written by a Somali woman who was raised in her homeland, then Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Kenya, escaped to the Netherlands when her father decided to marry her to someone she did not like. She explains in detail the mentality that is still prevailing in Middle Eastern and East Africa Muslim countries.

The story is unparalleled in adventure, and moral courage, and reveals the clash of cultures between religions, continents, regions, and countries.

Her life, as she eloquently and chronologically tells, is still evolving after her harrowing experiences in the Netherlands, and in the U S A.

It is a remarkable book written courageously and actually may even endanger her life by religious zealots.

She simply seeks to tell the truth and understands what compels people to think the way they do.

She tells stories about ignorant individuals claiming to be clerics, how they try to keep unsuspecting

Young people ignorant, by feeding them lies and platitudes.

Infidel is objective and opinionated, written by a Muslim woman seeking the truth and questioning false declarations attributed to the religion. The part that deals with her Dutch “experiences” rivets the reader in its devolution. The story starts with the refugee status granting process and continues with the generous attitude of the Dutch government in supporting both genuine and false refugees from politically unstable countries, how many opportunities provided to advance education to ignorant but intelligent people, and how they can even become parliamentarians. Yet, at the end, the ruling party of the time withdraws her Dutch citizenship claiming that she has lied in her citizenship application form!

It is a riveting book that should be read by every freedom-loving and freedom-seeking individual.

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