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Book Review: The innocent sleep

Karen Perry is the penname of Dublin based writers Paul Perry and Karen Gillece.

The format of the story is unusual in that he and she write in alternate chapters as the novel evolves.

The Innocent Sleep narrative starts in Tangier with a young artistic Irish couple and a child.

While the husband was preparing a birthday celebration meal for his wife, he suddenly realizes that he had forgotten the gift he purchased in a nearby store.

He then decides to quickly run to retrieve it. While walking to the store, and earthquake demolishes the house in which their son Dillon was sleeping. The child is declared dead to the infinite grief of the father who feels responsible for his death.

From this point on, the story evolves between husband and wife. Later on, a few other characters get into the narrative making it highly interesting in an unexpected fashion.

The story is a powerful tale of one couple’s display of strength, and his descent into madness upon the imagines sighting of his dead son.

There are many twists and turns in this captivating story that reader will have to discover.

The narrative on the surface appears to be straight forward, but in actual fact, in anything but.

You can look at The Innocent Sleep as a cross between drama and thriller with well-developed characters and a solid plot line.

Once you start reading you will feel compelled to read on until you get to the end.

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