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Book Review: Island practice.

Pam Belluck’s Island Practice represents a tale of quirkiness and peculiarity of an American island of the East coast. She reports on moral and political issues like abortion, substance abuse, suicide, and medical care in isolated communities without offering comment, but issues that ought to be addresses and ideally, solved by local or state governments.

Dr. Lepore, the main character of the book, works for the local hospital and run his practice 24/7.

He is a talented general practitioner who also performs abortions, surgery and makes house calls (a rare service these days), but has quirky habits and thoughts.

There are other characters in this beautifully written book that compels the medically interested reader or practitioner to turn page after page to find out

What happens next. All characters are loveable and unique.

The author ably captures the idiosyncrasies and quirkiness of Dr. Lepore while managing to highlight his brilliance, and more so, devotion to his craft, and which is gradually becoming rare in today’s specialized world of medicine.

This book is enjoyable on many levels, as a physician you will love a rural general practitioner has to do to serve, as a vacationer, to learn what you can expect or experience, as psychiatrist, the problems of small communities with limited access to the outside world; as an ordinary citizen, what you can expect in a small community; and as a young individual contemplating to study medicine.

This book gives meaning to medical service above and beyond”.

Read it, keep it, and read it again and again!

Highly recommended.

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