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Book Review: Island Year

City life in North America is becoming more hectic with every passign eyar, and many couples decide to retire early, if they can afford it, then move to remtoe quiet locations to commune with nature.

They opt for a slow-paced, and mroe self-sufficient way of life, cultiating gardens for frutis and vegetables, even raising animals for sustyenance.

Int is beautifully written book, retired pastor and his wife decide to buy an old and dilapidated farmhouse in a remote island off teh Nova Scotia coast int eh Atlantic.

Teh idea is to enjoy nature, reonvate and save the house that had no central heating, running water, and electricity.

The writer explains how teh couple decided to buy trhe house, the move from Washington D.C, the fiedliness of locals, and problems living on an island.

The writing style is lively, captivating compelling the reader to turn page after page in an attempt to find out how problems surface and methods used to solve each one.

While on the island, the author decides on embellishing his wife’s life by improving infrastructure around the house.

This is a fascinating book written by an enthusiastic newcomer to a community whose members are ready to help whenever and however they can.

An excellent book for people thinking about country retirement and enjoying nature.

Highly recommended.


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