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Book review: jamie’s Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver is a young and unpretentious chef with a noble mission. He wants people of all walks to enjoy simple, well prepared, and natural food.

His idea is brilliant and hopefully catches on. As he recommends in this book, everyone who prepares at least one recipe from this book must teach it to at least two, preferably to four, and those who have learned must repeat it in turn to 16 and so one. This will become thousands in a few rounds.

Soon millions will be able to cook home cooked, even if not perfect food, at a fraction of the cost of take-out, delivered or restaurant food.

All recipes are relatively easy to prepare provided ingredients are at hand, and can be cooked in less than 30 minutes, except some of the desserts that require baling.
This is laudable, as in most western, industrialized countries people simply succumb to convenience foods’ appeal, just buying it to take home and either put it on a plate or microwave it.

There are millions of young and old men who do not know to boil an egg, and occasionally brag that they have never done so, since someone in the family has always cooked, or they go to fast food establishments to buy food.
While here is nothing to say against convenience foods, most, it not all, contain preservatives, and even if they do not, they have been cooked for at least a few days before you purchase it!

There is nothing better than expertly prepared, fresh food. The French saying “You must wait for good food, good food never waits for you!”.

This book, compiled from recipes demonstrated in one of Jamie’s classes in an elementary school, even has testimonials from people (pictures included) who proudly state how they started appreciating well prepared, tasty food, and are now cooking for themselves and/or for their families.

This book belongs to the bookshelf of every single individual, or those who plan to marry and never cooked, and old widowers who never had to cook.

Help Jamie realize his dream for millions of people enjoying lovingly prepared good food in highly industrialized western societies where fresh food is available in profusion. It is a shame that grocery stores in such countries offer many aisles of frozen prepared foods at exorbitant prices.

Highly recommended!

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