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Book Review: Lonely Planet's Bhutan.

Bhutan, a small kingdom between north – eastern India, and China, was until recently, secluded and closed to tourists.

Now the enlightened king of Bhutan has decided to allow the development of controlled tourism. This is to protect the environment and excludes backpackers who frequent Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and India indulging in undesirable activities.

The country is small and mountainous with a population of less than 800 000 and average, “hosts” 28 500 tourists annually.

Contrary to common belief, the visa costs $ 200.00 to 250.00 a day, this is the amount a tourist pays to the government for accommodation, a guide, food, and transportation within the country.

The country is beautiful, unspoiled, and the population lives an unhurried life.

Lonely Planet is one of the largest travel guide publishers in the world, and has created travel books about practically every country worth visiting. All their publications are detailed, written by a team of writers including locals for accuracy and insight.

The guide on Bhutan covers all four parts of the country that range from warms summers to polar climes, and includes all sights, monasteries, mountain treks, list of souvenirs worthy of consideration, food, wildlife, accommodation, city maps of major cities, and transportations.

You will learn a great deal about Bhutan, and will want to visit the country after reading this book. If you are planning to visit India, then this book will help you make a decision to make a side trip to Bhutan where “happiness” counts more than wealth.

Highly recommended.

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