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Book Review: Lonely Planet’s Croatia.

Tony and Maureen Wheeler felt the need for detailed travel guides after driving across Europe and Asia overland to Australia.

At the end of this epic trip, this inspired couple sat at their kitchen table writing and stapling together their first travel guide (Across Asia On The Cheap).

Since then the enterprise grew to one of the biggest and most likely the best English language travel guide publishers of the world. The website ( is visited 60 million times a year.

Croatia, on the Dalmatian coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is now a very popular tourist destination because of its beauty, inexpensive accommodation, food, beverages, and entertainment, especially for northern Europeans, who can travel in 12 hours by car, or leisurely driving in 24 – 48 hours with a few overnight stays in Austria, or Slovenia.

This book, authored by Anja Mutic, a Croat, and long time writer Iain Stewart, provides a lot of well presented and organized details about travelling in Croatia, particularly on the Adriatic coast studded with both small and large idyllic islands, and peaceful surroundings.

It is comprehensive, easy to read, and provides important information.

The book contains a sufficiently long history of Croatia, Zagreb, Slavonia and Istria, Dalmatia and much more.

It includes itineraries for two-week stays, or visiting the coast from Opatija in the north to Dubrovnik in the south, or Zagreb and surrounding countryside, or east to west that starts with a Nature Park and ends in Bale on the Adriatic Coast.

Coast destination coverage is more detailed that that of inland toward Serbia, and Hungary.

The blue highlighted did-you-know tidbit information paragraphs offer valuable and interesting information.

A very detailed, informative, and well organized travel guide for visitors.

Highly recommended.

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