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Book Review: Lonely Planet’s Estonia, latvia and Lithuania.

These Baltic countries started developing their tourism potential ever since they gained their freedom from the Soviets.

By all accounts, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were popular with the citizens of Leningrad now St. Petersburg.

These small countries have long political and cultural histories worth exploring. Of special interest are the capitals – Tallinn, Vilnius, And Riga Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia respectively.

This extensive guide written by four writers who travelled the length and breadth of each country produced an excellent, informative, and well-organized guide complete with maps of each major city and all countries.

All sections include a few words in the language of the country, exchange rates, all types of accommodation, sights in each city, restaurants, entertainment and shopping.

The history of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania explore events from the early days until the end of Soviet rule.

In its 6th edition, this guide is the most complete of all travel guides today.

It is highly recommended to all with an interest in these countries and those who are planning to visit all in the near future. Many secondary inexpensive European airlines fly into the capitals of each.

As a bonus, this guide includes a valuable article about Helsinki, and explains how a tourist in Tallinn can plan an excursion to the capital of Finland.

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