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Book Review: Lonely Planet's Best in Travel.

Lonely Planet Publications, one of the largest travel guide publishers of the world, publishes, every year, a new book about travel trends, and destinations.

The book is written by a team of local and international writers, and covers each country in sufficient detail to make a intelligent travel decision, and plan accordingly.

The 2012 edition covers the Top 10 countries, starting with Uganda, and ending with Switzerland, and includes Myanmar, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Bhutan, Cuba, New Caledonia and Taiwan.

These days, it is relatively easy to fly from London to Uganda or anywhere else in the world. International airlines cover all the major airports, and local companies take over from there to bring you to your destination however remote it may be.

Each country has four pages devoted to it; that should suffice to make a decision to visit or not.

It describes the attitudes of locals to toward tourists, experiences, festivals and events, provides population figures, number of tourists visiting, the capital, language, major industries, unit fo currency, and cost index.

If you like to travel and want to plan ahead, this is a handy book to peruse and start planning.

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