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Book Review: The Longest Way Home.

The author, a writer, actor, and director, has succeeded in creating a fascinating book worth reading. It reflects about life in general, insecurities, relations, family, and much more.

The reader feels compelled to turn page after page in an attempt to learn what happens next in his travels that he writes about, interjecting with his thoughts and other events happening in his life.

He starts with how he managed his acting career, then eventually ended up being a travel writer and director, while trying to raise a family.

His first marriage failed, nut he managed to remain “friends” with the mother of his son who visits him every fortnight.

His second marriage, which he writes about in great detail, is a fascinating story in itself.

His articles describing Patagonia, the Amazon, OSA, Vienna, Baltimore, Kilimanjaro, and Dublin make for very engaging and informative reading.

Do not expect to find out where to eat, food, accommodation, and how to travel in his writing about different cities and regions.

His writing covers how these places feel, how he perceives them and his reaction.

The soul-searching voyages that ultimately lead to his wedding makes for entertaining and insightful reading.

Hurry to secure a copy before the book is out of print!