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Book Review: Lunenburg

This greater Halifax-set murder mystery novel builds slowly; characters and apparently unrelated events are cleverly interrelated. Once the setting of the novel is completed, the narrative becomes captivating compelling the reader to turn page after page to find out about the next development.

The author was the head of the news and current affairs, and chief editorial advisor of BB C Northern Ireland. Now retired Keith Baker writes thrillers, works as an editorial consultant and acts as executive producer for independent TV productions.

His thrillers have been translated to several languages.

Annie Welles is an officer with the Robbery and Violent Crimes Unit with the Halifax Regional Police. Recently divorced without custody of her two young sons, her career is now stalling under the ambitious of her ruthless fellow officers.

Then a Scottish journalist looking to land a scoop arrives in Halifax. This sudden appearance of a British journalist changes the flow of the whole narrative.

After a dinner Annie Welles, the journalist and a third person, the journalist writes an article revealing a secret that upsets her superiors. After a disciplinary process has been put into motion, the pace of the thriller changes to fast-action mode.

The suspense continues until the last few pages of this highly informative, immensely enjoyable thriller.

Highly recommended.


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