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Book review: Maran Illustrated Cooking Basics.

In the past girls used to help their mothers to prepare meals fort eh family, and so inherited many of the cooking techniques and recipes.

These days, young girls hardly ever assist their mothers cooking and rely mostly on prepared, delivered, or restaurant food.

If by chance they heat prepared frozen food, they flatter themselves as being accomplished cooks.

Truly, grocery stores are full with prepared foods, then there are stores that specialize in prepared and frozen foods that you simply need to microwave or heat, and then pizzerias advertise constantly about delivery, and of course, at any time during day of night you can eat a hamburger in a fast food operation.

Given all these opportunities, who wants to cook?

As it turns out, there are millions who like to cook, or must cook, or enjoy cooking or need to learn how to cook.

Convenience food is a value-added commodity and hence expensive, so if you have limited funds you must cook, and on the other end of the scale there are a person who absolutely enjoys cooking so long as there is someone who cleans after them.

This well-illustrated book was conceived for individuals who must cook, or enjoy cooking, or need to learn how to cook.

It starts with kitchen tools required to start, purchasing, cooking techniques, including chopping, dicing, mincing, sautéing, sweating, roasting, baking, steaming and pan-frying.

In addition to all the above, several simple-to-follow recipes are provided fort eh beginner.

This well-illustrated book for beginners and even for individuals and amateur chefs is highly recommended for any student attending out-of-town university, young people who want to learn the intricacies of this very important aspect of life and understand what it entails.

I think every consumer will benefit immensely from reading, not studying this book, if for nothing else than to understand the basic principles of cooking and to appreciate the very fact of what a plate of food involves and how it should look and taste.

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