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Book review: Maran Illustrated Wine.

Maran Graphics has perfected an award-winning communication process to “teach” the basics of many skills, i.e bartending, wine knowledge and service, cooking, guitar playing, and yoga, just to name a few.

Wine is an extremely well illustrated book that provides all the basics of wine making, packaging, purchasing, storage and service.

All important wine producing countries of the world are appropriately described, and their wines discussed.

Of course matching food and wine is given sufficient attention for anyone interested in wine. In addition to all of the above, dessert (Hungary, Germany, and France) and fortified wines from a number of countries including Spain and Portugal are covered.

Sparkling wine from (Champagne and from other regions figure largely in this full-of-knowledge and –detail book.

All young servers in training or those who lack wine knowledge, consumers interested in expanding their wine information and/or library and trainers need to study this book, and use it as a reference.

Community college instructors would benefit from this book immensely and may use it as a textbook as the publisher intended originally.

I see this book as a valuable publication for all who enjoy wine and want to know more about and experience the intricacies of this noble beverage.

Highly recommended.

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