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Book review: Matt Kramer on Wine.

Matt Kramer is one of the most seminal, and insightful wine writers in North America, I have been reading his columns for many years. Each of his articles reveals an aspect of wine that few, if any wine critic mentions, or dares to mention in print.

He never recommends any brand of wine; although people who read his columns know that he loves well-made Burgundy wines.

In this he offers a selection of his columns under carefully chosen headings, i.e tasting, observations, in love with France, Running away to Italy etc.

Matt Kramer has an inimitable style of writing that captivates the reader and compels him/her to continue reading for hours on end.

His insights into winemaking and practices are unmatched. In this book he reveals a good portion of “doctoring” going on in wineries everywhere. This alone is worth reading the book.
His writing is a revelation into the vast world grape growing, wine making and marketing.

If you want to learn about wine, this book is “must read” as it tells you about what you should look for when tasting, and in fact the reasons for wine appreciation.

He is widely travelled and writes about his experiences and encounters in a vivid fashion. The lengthy portrait of Angelo Gaja, the famous Piedmont winery owner, reveals how this very successful winemaker and marketer built his business empire. His observations about A. Gaja are astute and insightful.

This book will tell you what actually happens in wineries today, as opposed to what you read in textbooks, or pieces of fluff written by people travelling who were dined and wined by government agencies or wineries.

Matt Kramer travel to a country and stays there for a while to understand the culture, mentality, and what actually makes the wine taste the way it does.

Wine and food for him are inseparable and must be understood intrinsically to be fully appreciates.

This is a book for all wine enthusiasts, wine writers; people who drink occasionally, and those who collect bottles.

A fascinating boo that should be read, synthesised, and refereed to, from time to time.

Highly recommended! Don’t wait; it may soon be out of print.

It is that good!

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