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Book Review: Melissa’s 50 best plants on the planet.

The Internet is full of recipes, newspapers and magazines print thousands of them annually, yet publishers never stop printing cookbooks.

This cookbook/book may be considered one of the best in a long time.

While the majority of North Americans consume inordinate amounts of meat, and seafood, many are now starting to realize that eating mainly vegetables and fruits with very little meat in the mix is a much healthier choice.

The author, an accomplished food writer and food critique, has written an excellent book on the most important and healthy vegetables, along with well over 150 recipes that include nuts to partially compensate for protein.

The photography by Angie Cao is exemplary artwork.

While he recipes are innovative, they are simple enough for anyone with a basic knowledge of cooking and interest in the art of creating tasty nutrition to prepare.

Each vegetable is described with regard to its health attributes, seasonality, taste, texture and most appropriate cooking technique.

Simply put, this book deserves to be on every public and home library. Even professionals will benefit immensely from reading this boo and most likely will try out some, if not all, of the recipes,.

Highly recommended.

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