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Book Review: Modern sauces.

Sauciers in old-world kitchen crews were respected cooks and often replaced sous-chefs during their vacations.

Today, sauces are no longer elaborate in their preparations like sauce Espagnole and the like. Modern cooks prepare modern sauces that require less time-consuming techniques, but taste quite nice, and are lighter to boot. More importantly, restaurant patrons seem to prefer them because of their lightness.

Martha Holmberg is an award-winning food writer and editor who graduated from the famous La Varenne Cooking School in Paris, France

IN this superbly illustrated book she provides 150 imaginative recipes that are interesting, tempting, and mouth watering.

The photography executed by Ellen Silverman is stunning.

This voluminous book is not only informative, but engagingly written. All techniques are clearly explained for beginners and professionals alike. Nothing is left out to chance.

More importantly, all ingredients are readily available at least in big cities of the western world.

This is an inspiring, authoritative, and useful book for everyday cooks, professionals and those who are just starting to cook.

It is a fact that few young people now receive training from their parents on cooking. Many families rely on store-bought sauce powders and canned stocks, which leave a lot to be desired when it comes to taste!

They represent short cuts and save time, but taste-wise, cannot be compared to expertly prepared from-scratch sauces.

Remember, sauces require skill, and the only way to acquire it to get a well-thought out recipe and prepare it several times until you master it, then you can modify, if you wish.

This book provides the required information to prepare fine sauces that would enhance appropriate dishes, whether grilled, poached, roasted or otherwise prepared.

Sauces are the best-kept secrets of the best cooks and for this reason alone this book represents an excellent source and value.

Highly recommended.

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