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Book Review: From This Moment On.

The world knows Eileen Twain as Shania (her adopted name). She is a music legend, a mother, and a fixture in the news for her public divorce and subsequent marriage to the husband of her confidante and good friend, who seduced Mutt; husband of Shania.

The book reveals about her past with shocking honesty. On several pages one reads how some members of the First Nations live, must live, and what hardships they encounter. These pages alone make the book very valuable.

It seems that Shania wrote this book more of a catharsis for herself despite her statement to the contrary.

Interestingly, she does not blame Mutt, for the affair with her confidante and best friend, Marie-Ann.

Only a few years more than a decade ago she was on top of the world. Her albums sold in the millions, her world tours were sold out and then suddenly, the unexpected happened.

She does not tell how it all came to an end, and it is unclear that as a perceptive woman, she was unable to detect any strange behaviour with Mutt, of maybe she was too busy with her son, and the music world.

The pages about her parents, the dysfunctional family life, and how she and her siblings had to struggle to survive are heartbreaking.

She discusses the highs and lows of the music industry, especially country music industry concentrated around Nashville, Tennessee.

Like everything else in America, art becomes and industry and more or less homogenous, since few creators work under the control of producers who possess the funds and control recording studios.

Regardless, Shania Twain managed singularly to make it to the top on her own with her own talent, and with a lot of help from her mother, in her younger days. Without her mothers financial sacrifices, it is doubtful that she would have achieved the level of success that she did.

The whole memoir is a captivating read that forces one to continue reading to find out what actually comes next.

If you are interested in learning about human struggles in life, and how you can triumph over them, this book is for you.

Highly recommended.

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