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Book Review: Moscow.

Moscow has grown by leaps and bounds since the U S S R dissolved in its many component states. It is now a dynamic city with a lot of commercial activity that generates at least 25 per cent of all taxes paid in the country of 142 million.

This is a comprehensive guide, complete with maps and pictures. Yet, the traveller must be alert and know that in today’s Russia some things change quickly and maps are on that list.

Always verify your destination with locals as compared tot eh information provided in this guide.

The very fact that this is the fifth edition tells you that Moscow; indeed the whole country is evolving at a fast pace.

The history section is impeccably written and is up to date.

The subway system of Moscow is unique and lavish with museum like stations kept cleans by an army of cleaners and it functions well. Both authors recommend using it as much as you can, and if you don’t at least visit a few as a sight.

Descriptions of the red Square and Kremlin are very good and their recommendation for a night visit is appropriate to appreciate the beauty.

If you are interested in ballet performances and want to visit, buy in advance, if you can, or through intermediaries.

Bolshoi is the only one of many ballet companies, albeit the most famous. There are many others with impressive performances that happen to be less expensive.

An important point to remember when visiting Moscow museums, (there are many) is to be aware that all explanations and labels are in Russian. It may be wise to hire a museum guide to better appreciate all displays.

Here is something that might be of interest to a visitor – it has been a while since the Izmailova Market was closed, yet the guide claims it to be still operating.

Overall, the guide is valuable to any visitor with regard to hotels, restaurants, Moscovites’ behaviour towards foreigners. Bear in mind that Moscow’s population includes many nationalities that were once part of the U S S R and now still live in teh city. The majority of these ethnic people are Armenian. They may display characteristics incompatible with those of true Moscovites.

Beware or totally drink people in the alleyways and entrances to subway stations.

A very useful and well-organized guide that every prospective traveller to the city should read before planning a trip, and departure.


  1. We’ve been discussing visiting Moscow. I’ll have to look into this book, great review!

  2. Simple but very comprehensive review. I like your way of explaining sir. Thanks I will sure read this MoSCOW soon