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Book Review: A mother’s road to Kandahar

The author explains in great detail the background of her family and how Italian immigrants in Canada were treated during World War II despite their off springs were fighting with the allies against the Italian army.

She tells how the military is organized and seldom, if ever tolerates criticism and often punishes, in dubious ways, critiques of their policies and behaviour.

She writes about the role of cadet training in Canada and how popular video games try to attract recruits to the armed forces.

The US Army literally tries to lure young, unemployed and poorly educated individuals with slogans like : “There is no life like it.”

Her statement on page 31 that there is little difference between Nazi German philosophies with regard to understanding the human mind, and the C I A-funded experiments at McGill University (Montreal) in 1950’s by Ewen Cameron

Her son was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006, and from the moment he announced that he decided to go, she spoke against the war, not only this one, but to all wars, but she also declared her unconditional love for her son.

Fortunately, her son retuned unharmed, which prompted her to write his beautifully crafted book in which she decries wars in general, and perceived virtue of military programmes for youth.

This is an excellent book that deserves to be in every family’s library, and read not once, but often, to understand how wars damage societies morally, financially, and cause untold grief to parents.

Highly recommended.

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