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Book Review: The Night is Mine.

The author, multitalented individual who renovated a 50’ sailboat, designed computer systems, bicycled around the globe, developed maps, started writing novels in 1993 while on a plane from Korea to Sydney to ride a bicycle across the Australian continent.

In this action-packed military novel, the plot involves the hero (Mark), a superb helicopter pilot and commander of a unit that respects and admires him.

Emily, an outstanding helicopter pilot and daughter of a former FBI director is the second important individual of the novel, around whom much of the action revolves.

The Night Is Mine is filled with tension and real technical descriptions of helicopter pilots that an ordinary individual cannot understand. A few pages in

the back or at the beginning of the book could help every reader understand the language much better.

Regardless, the secret, the suspense and the romance between Mark, the commander, and Emily the helicopter pilot with outstanding cooking talent, is well conceived, developed, intriguing and written to force the reader to keep reading page after page.

The author has chosen to get into culinary descriptions and cooking in the Whitehouse successfully, as describing the inner workings of this venerable institution housing the world’s most powerful individual.

An excellent military thriller that will keep you awake until the early hours of the day to discover the conclusion.

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