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Book Review: Oman, UAE and Arabian Peninsula.

Like all other Lonely Planet books, this is a storehouse of relevant, thoroughly researched information a tourist or expatriate living in any of the jurisdictions needs, to understand the way the inhabitants of these countries think and behave.

Covering many countries requires an extraordinary amount of travel and the task requires several writers – J. Walker was in charge of co-ordinating, while S. Butler covered Yemen, Andrea Schulte-Peevers U.A.E, and Iain Shearer Hajj, Saudi Arabia, J. Walker covered Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

First and foremost, there is an adequate amount of information about Islam and how, why, where it originated.

Several myths about Islam are corrected by pointing out how the “ulema” and clergy in each jurisdiction interprets the Quran, which in turn is reflected within the population, e.g while in Saudi Arabia public and private alcohol beverage consumption is strictly enforced, in most other countries of the Arabian Peninsula there are no restrictions.

In Saudi Arabia churches are not allowed, but authorities look the other way when people of other religions gather to celebrate any of their important days.

Each country an appropriate number of pages to explain everything of importance to a tourist, from visa applications, to travel, sites, food, accommodation, entertainment, and environment.

Bahrain gets 34 pages, Kuwait 33, Oman 84, Qatar 31, Saudi Arabia 69, U A E (United Arab Emirates) 63, and Yemen 69.

Richly illustrated, this valuable guide contains several city maps a traveller needs.

This is an essential guide or planning tool for anyone planning to visit or to working and travelling in anyone jurisdiction in the region.

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