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Book Review: The Oxford Companion to Beer

This encyclopaedia covers absolutely everything related to brewing, (from chemistry, grains, malting, yeasts, water, packaging) as well as all kinds of famous breweries past and present, and the industry in selected countries.

There are more than 9500 breweries all over the world, covering an area from Tromso in northern Norway, to Tasmania in Australia, and everywhere in-between.

The Oxford Companion To Beer will provide the answer to any question you may have. More than 50 beer experts contributed to the contents of the book, and the editor has done an excellent job organizing the information.

It can be called the ultimate beer reference book, which should grace the library of anyone who brews at home or in a brewery.

This beautifully printed and richly illustrated volume is a “must have” for any beer enthusiast who wants to know more about his preferred alcoholic beverage.

Highly recommended.

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