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Book Review: Consider the oyster

If you are an oyster aficionado or interested in learning about this precious, nutritious food, Consider The Oyster is the book to enlighten you.

Fist it was conceived and written by an oyster fanatic who also practices the “art” of shucking in his own restaurant.

In this exquisitely illustrated book, he explains in six chapters all about oyster species, their flavour characteristics, how they grow, what they consumes, how to buy and store, and how to open and serve them.

You will probably never know which nation produces the most oysters and consumes them, or for that matter, how Canada ranks in oyster production and appreciation.

This is a book not only to read, but also to act as a guide to you as where to enjoy the best in major “oyster” cities – London, Paris, and New York.

The grandest and busiest oyster bar in the world in New York’s Grand Central Station where shuckers shuck thousands of oysters daily and serve them to aficionados, the curious, the eager tourist, or simply the hungry traveller.

In my estimation, Patrick McMurray, world shucking champion 2001 is the probably the most knowledgeable oyster schucker and oyster bar owner in Canada who likes to impart his knowledge and deep love for it.

If you live in Toronto and would like to learn about oysters, visit his restaurant, talk with him, eat a few oysters, and buy his book.

You won’t regret your choice of oyster bar, and certainly not the acquisition of a superb book.

Highly recommended.

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