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Book Review: Paris – A Love Story.

Kati Marton, an accomplished broadcasting journalist and “diplomatic” wife, tells in this memoir about her life from her childhood in Hungary, how her family fled the Soviet suppression, settled in the USA, and her evolution.

She became a prominent broadcaster working for ABC – TV and tells how the media works, including the lavish sums spent flying from one country to another to interview a personality. The result of the interview, produced at great expense would be televised only for a few seconds or minutes and archived.

She tells the reader about her feelings while working in Europe. In fact, she decided to live in Paris after the death of her second husband Richard Holbrook, the author of the Serbian Accord and appointed the American Ambassador, in charge of achieving peace in Afghanistan.

Her revelations about how American diplomats live should give every citizen of the country something to think about. The excesses are staggering.

Kati Marton tells of her life publicly and gracefully by revealing just enough for the reader to draw his/her conclusions.

The detailed descriptions of life in Paris reveal what tourists normally do not see or experience – like visiting sidewalk cafes in different neighbourhoods, how servers remember the “regulars”, and how rude they can be, or the “concierge” in every apartment building, the amount of personal information she, always she, knows about every tenant.

She loved and was loved by famous and influential personalities lie Peter Jennings, the anchor of evening news of ABC – TV, and Richard Holbrook who worked for the secretary of state.

Her story is well told, amazing, probing and passionate, well worth reading to understand how American public policy is made.

Her style of writing, in short, lively sentences, captivates the reader.

Highly recommended.

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