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Book Review: No More Pointless Meetings.

Endless meetings are common in business and most of them considerable productive time.

Martin Murphy, the founder and president of Quantum Meetings, a management education consultancy, explains in this invaluable book how meetings should be organized, and conducted for maximal results. The text is easy to read and easy to understand and follow for anyone in a leading managerial position.

It provides practical ideas in solving problems that occur in planning and conducting business meetings.

Better yet, it suggests ways in which meetings can be kept to an absolute minimum.

The content of No More Pointless Meetings is tested and presented in a very user friendly, clear and concise fashion.

The author believes, rightly so, that meetings are most abused and time consuming activities in business, and many meetings fail to achieve their objective due to luck of purpose, agenda, and firm management.

The author explains the reasons of unproductive meetings and clarifies the difference between “content” and “process”, then goes on to describe how different types of sessions i.e innovation, problem-solving, one-on-one, and many others.

Almost all chapters contain a case study which in and of itself can teach an important, often overlooked fact that can eliminate or considerably shorten the time used for meetings.

This is a very practical and useful book for businesspeople, all types of managers and leaders.

Highly recommended.

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