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Book review: Poisoning the Press.

The author, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland, was an investigative correspondent for CNN, ABC and other news agencies fro two decades. This book is possibly his crowning glory.

It enlightens the reader about both personalities and how Washington D.C’s politics taint transparency, cause the spending of millions of dollars covering up misdeeds, and the appalling blind servitude of presidential aids, even secretaries.

After reading this superbly researched and documented book, those who believe in politicians will start thinking otherwise.

Most intelligent, well-informed people know that the first and foremost goal of all politicians is to be re-elected, and to this end they will do anything to achieve their objective.

Poisoning the Press is an invaluable book for anyone who wants to become a successful politician. It makes it crystal clear what he/she must learn the taboos of electioneering, their daily activities carrying out official business, and misrepresent the truth, sometimes convincingly, when delivering speeches.

The author has succeeded beautifully in writing an expose of Richard Nixon, a Quaker, and Jack Anderson, a Mormon, and to what extent they will go to harm one another.

If this situation had occurred in a totalitarian regime, Jack Anderson, the investigative reporter, would have simply disappeared and no one would ever be able to discover how it happened.

Thankfully, in the U.S.A mysterious disappearances of journalists do not occur, but equally unacceptable practices of plans to eliminate them are concocted.

If the American public think their politicians are above reproach and refuse to be bribed after reading this page-turner they will have a change of mind.

The author writes about what happened thirty years ago. Readers may, and rightly so, wonder whether politicians behave the same way today.

This is an excellent read, particularly now, considering the political events in North African countries.

Highly recommended!

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