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Book Review: Prodigal Daughter.

This book offers a historical, cultural, and spiritual odyssey that begins in Edmonton, Alberta and evolves into an extended journey to several Balkan countries including Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece (mainly Thessalonica, the country’s second largest city).

M. Kostach discovers how scholars in these countries interpret history and events to claim St. Demetrius their own. As a reader, I was surprised how many professors, and research-oriented history writers still study and often specialize, in the Byzantine Empire, although it was vanquished in the 15th century.

The Byzantine culture, sophistication, and famously convoluted government structure were the most advance of the then known world.

Byzantines developed Constantinople, now Istanbul, and made it fabulously rich with trades, and trading both in the west and east.

Sadly, the author did not visit Istanbul, but then again, St. Demetrius never lived in that unique city situated on the European and Asian continents.

The author sets out to discover and explore her Ukrainian and Canadian cultural roots, and religious essence of the importance of St. Demetrius.

This book is a blend of creative writing and non-fiction, and represents her anthropological and personal quest to establish the truth long past!

It allow the reader a glimpse of how Greeks, Serbians, Macedonians and Bulgarians fought to claim St. Demetrius

The writing is lively, interspersed with interviews of several scholars of Byzantium, and St. Demetrius.

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