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Book Review: Proof of Heaven.

The good doctor explains clearly that we, ordinary mortals, fail to appreciate the beauty of the world and always look for black and white answers to moral and ethical problems.

For most, people, who experienced a near death experience (NDE), it is sometimes very difficult, of not impossible, to explain or write about it. They lack the vocabulary and/or technical terms. The author possesses the luxury of knowing the anatomy of the body, and more importantly the brain!

The good doctor makes it crystal clear that no human being will ever know what awaits

him/her in the netherworld.

His experience is “positive”, but for some other people, the “trip” to the netherworld may be “negative”.

The author happens to be a scientist and is able to clearly describe his experience, but a religious zealot will in most likelihood lack such objectivity.

Dr. E. Alexander concludes that consciousness and love are fundamental to the structure of the universe. Yet he tells the reader a lot about himself, his upbringing, and that he was adopted at an early age. Then he tells us about this clairvoyant lady and how she helped him to connect while in the `netherworld`.

This book may influence profoundly you, science, philosophy, theology and interfaith dialogue in general.

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