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Book Review: The Real North Korea.

North Korea attracts world media’s attention constantly for its provocative policies and claims of unclear prowess.

Japan, South Korea, the U S A, and China, are the most concerned with North Korea’s behaviour and the media portrays this country’s politics as harmful to peace and prosperity of the region.

The author Andre Lankov, a St. Petersburg-born history professor at a South Korean university, writes in this extremely enlightening book that North Korea’s political behaviour is rational from their perspective and is aimed at extracting as much monetary and material help as possible.

Many books have been written about this hermit communist country and this, the newest, most timely and informed, provides in-depth information and insight into the country’s thinking and political behaviour.

The author was an exchange student for a long period in North Korea and is fluent in Korean. He has access to south and North Korean intellectuals.

This fascinating and compelling book argues that the system is doomed, but stops short of when and how it will occur.

Then the author discusses several theories how the “re-unification” can occur, and the dangers in achieving it.

The first few chapters provide a brief history of North Korea and its first leader, Kim Il Sung, then the narrative proceeds to explain how the country evolved with the help of U S S R and China.

The book is most likely the most informative, insightful and enlightening of all written to-date, and should be required reading for all western politicians, political science students everywhere, and the politically-informed general public in North America and Europe.

Don’t wait. Order this title now before the first edition is sold out, and which will likely occur in a few days.

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