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Book Review: Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting and orienting New Employees.

This book addresses what is the most critical area today – employee recruitment.

The author, Diane Arthur, a veteran of human resources management, has accomplished a truly remarkable feat by creating an oeuvre that every business owner, human resources manager, human resources professor, and prospective employee must read, assimilate, and practise.

If you want to run a successful company and have questions, all the answers await you in the pages of this extensive book.

It is well written, impressive, timely, with high-content chapters that explain everything from human resources planning, recruitment challenges, recruitment sources, electronic recruiting, interviewing, competency-based questions, interview components, types of interviews, selecting the best fit, pre employment testing, references, and background checks, social networks and hiring, the selection process, new hire orientation, departmental orientation, and all the

forms you need run a well managed human resources department.

The `legal chapter deals with the US market, regardless of the human resources manager who wants to cover every aspect employee and employer rights and obligations can learn a great deal from it. Every jurisdiction has its own `work-law`. Some are tailored fro employers and the rights of an employee to the whims of the manager or even departmental manager.

The chapter on `fitting` into the culture of the employer is worth studying in detail. Often, highly qualified hires fail to work out, simply because of the `fit`. Some companies have rigid rules, where a creative and fast acting new hire cannot function well, frustrating management and himself or herself.

This book should be on the active reading shelf of all who own, manage small, medium-sized companies, and human resources managers everywhere.

Highly recommended.

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