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Book Review: Reflections on the Ring Road Iceland

Reflections on the Ring Road Iceland
Photography by George Fischer, Sean Fisher, Jon Gauti Jonsson
Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia
304 pages, $ 39.95

Iceland in the northern Atlantic Ocean is a beautiful and unique county that was settled in 874 A.D by Norwegians. The island was ruled by Norway from 1262 to 1912, then by Denmark until Iceland declared its independence in 1944.

Originally, Iceland, the most sparsely inhabited country in Europe (population 330 000 on 103 000 km2 of land), depended on fishing alone and was considered poor.

It is rich in hydroelectric and geothermal power, has vibrant software development industry, biotechnology laboratories, international banking, and well-developed ecotourism.

It is ranked of the world’s best developed countries with the happiest population.

George Fischer, a famous Canadian landscape photographer, and his son Sean (also a photographer) travelled the Route 1 a.k.a The Ring Road that circumnavigates Iceland. They did so with the guidance of Jon Gauti Jonsson who operates a mountaineering, hiking, skiing and rock climbing school in Reykjavik, the capital.

The photography of this exceptional and its presentation is well thought out.

Interspersed throughout the book are one-page comments and thoughts by Jon Gauti, and tips, from George Fischer, when driving on the Ring Road (i.e exploring Jokulsarla Glacier, surveying extinct, blue-green volcano of Viti Crater in Myvatn, checking out Dettifoss near Vik in Myrdal among many others).

It is a book consisting of pictures born out of love, depicting the landscape of this beautiful country where people work hard, are friendly, thoughtful, and helpful to tourists when needed.

Different viewpoints draw you into each photographer’s personal perspectives on this spectacle of ice and fire.

Looking at these masterful pictures will compel you to travel to Iceland and experience it first hand.

Highly recommended.

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