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Book Review: Roots.

Root vegetables grow well in North America and are widely available at relatively low cost, yet most cooks fail to make good use of them.

Diane Morgan set out to remedy this imbalance by creating a book totally dedicated to root vegetables and which contains imaginative ways to cooking them.

As most people living in northern states and Canadian provinces know during winter all fresh warm-climate produce must be imported to these regions at great expense and they are rarely ripe.

Logically, rot vegetables should be more popular in these cold climes, as they store well for long periods, are flavourful, if properly prepared, and tastefully presented.

The author, an accomplished cook herself, provides attractive alternatives to preparing root vegetables other than roasting.

This is a cookbook with gorgeous pictures, and explanations for each vegetable, including recipes.

Root vegetables are healthy, but unfortunately underrated, mostly because of ignorance and lack of information about appealing preparation techniques.

Recipes provided are great and inventive, yet simple and quick to prepare.

Thos who seek exotic root vegetables like arrowhead, burdock root, crosne, galangal, Jerusalem artichoke, jicama, lotus root, malanga, salsify, taro water chestnut, yuna and many others, can easily find sources of supply and methods of preparation to experience new taste sensations.

This is a coffee table book that will double as an inspirational source for inventive home cooks and ambitious professionals.

Highly recommended.

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