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Book Review: The science and commerce of whisky

Worldwide, Scottish whisky has never been as it si now. Despite the still continuing “recession”, the industry is adding aging capacity and opening new markets.

Distillers are experimenting with new finishes (using second hand Bordeaux, Burgundy, Port, or different Sherry barrels), and perfecting packaging along with more innovative marketing techniques.

Today, the consumer knows more about whisky that in the past, and appreciates nuances in flavour.

The authors of this excellent book have researches the subject profoundly, and are experienced enough to comment knowledgeably about the history of Scottish whisky, raw materials, distillation, aging, and its effects, packaging, and marketing.

The book also deals with other whisky producing countries, i.e Ireland, Japan, India, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and others.

Chapter three deals with ingredients, casks, while the following chapter explores at length how the wood matures the distillate and its effects of the climate on the smells and well as the taste.

The art of blending is covered in chapter five, brand development and marketing in chapter.

Chapter seven deals with global whisky production quantities, and the following chapter with today’s global market.

Did you know hat French are the most enthusiastic Scotch drinkers, flowed by Americans, and British? Russia ranks seventh in Scotch whisky consumption.

Highly recommended to all who enjoy a dram daily, and live a healthy life.

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